Drive SnapShot – disk imaging backup

Snapshot.exe is so easy to use, you wonder how so much power can be packed in just under 400KBs, when similar progs are so bloated, have to be installed and confusing to use.
The only down-side, as with similar apps, is that it uses a proprietary extension (sna) and you must use the tool to restore your saved drive. Runtime’s Drive XML is the only one that says you don’t need their app to restore the drive, but I have never been successful at restoring a drive without their app. Once, I was on a bootdisc ready to restore from Drive XML’s files, without the app, and it wouldn’t work. Had to find the app…wasted alot of time.
This little file, snapshot.exe, fits everywhere, and is always around and ready to work.

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I’m surprised I’m the first user to review this one.

To start:

– It’s small (355KB).

– It’s portable (single executable file) once registered.

– Works in DOS.

– Works well in Windows PE.

– Simple GUI.

– Built-in disk management tools (+MBR check).

– Diff images.

– Lots and lots of command line options which makes it ideal in DOS or automating your backup in a batch file, which I use.


I only wish it did direct disk-to-disk also.

Hands down the best overall imaging program out there!! This German team knows their stuff… well worth the 50 dollars.

Review details

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